Another Design Experiment . January 11, 2016

The Kansas Project: Study of Precedents

This week we revisited our Guiding Threads in order to compile a selection of projects that have inspired, and might inform The Kansas Project going forward. Below are examples of precedents that align with these weather-centric principles.

The Kansas Project Study of Precedents: Broadford Farm Pavilion

RELATE: Broadford Farm Pavilion, Hailey, TX – Lake/Flato Architects, 2005. Open-air concept skillfully rethinks indoor/outdoor relationship.

The Kansas Project Study of Precedents: Denge Sound Mirrors, Barcelona Pavilion, Kielder Observatory

ENHANCE: Denge Sound Mirrors, Lydd, United Kingdom – Dr. William Sansom Tucker, 1916-1930. Designed and built to explore and perfect technology to listen for enemy aircraft. Similar in concept to modern day radio telescopes, the structures reflect distant sound to one singular focus.

FLEXIBILITY: Barcelona Pavillon, Barcelona, Spain – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1929. The pavilion’s “Free plan” exhibition space and inherent simplicity inspires our concept of flexibility as it relates to live/work space.

EXPLORE: Kielder Observatory, Northumberland, England – Charles Barclay Architects, 2009. Inspiration for live/work space and constant exploration.

The Kansas Project Study of Precedents: Bioclimatic House

REGARD: Bioclimatic House, Granadilla, Tenerife – Jose Luis Rodriguez Gil, 2011. “The house is conceived as an element of intermediation between landscape and the inhabitants.”

The Kansas Project Study of Precedents: COR Tower, Bosque da Ribeira, Willow House

SUSTAIN: COR, Miami, FL – Oppenheim Architecture + Design, TBD. The first sustainable, mixed-use condominium in Miami. Integrates the mechanisms of sustainability and ecology into the architectural identity.

HEALTH: Bosque da Ribeira, Nova Lima – Minas Gerais, Brazil – Anastasia Arquitetos, 2013. Use of open air living spaces and natural light inspires the consideration of one’s health and experience.

BIOPHILIA: Willow House, Singapore – Guz Architects, 2012. Biophilia hypothesis suggests that there is an inherent bond between human beings and other living systems. Our intention with The Kansas Project is to explore this concept. Willow House is an inspired application of Biophilia.

The Kansas Project Precedent Study: Mountain Hill Cabin

REACT: Mountain Hill Cabin, Ål, Norway – Fantastic Norway, TBD. The lodge design becomes a landscape element in order to combat the climatic extremes. Weather/location dictate design.

The Kansas Project Precedent Study: Delta Shelter, Gypsum Hills Landscape, Edgeland House

ADAPTABILITY: Delta Shelter, Mazama, WA – Olson Kundig Architects, 2007. Using hand-cranked mechanical wheels, the four walls of the home can each be completely closed and protected by sliding double-height steel shutters.

DURABILITY: Gypsum Hills, KS and Tornado Alley. Consideration of context (both geographic and conditional) will inspire appropriate specifications for project longevity.

SHELTER: Edgeland House, Austin, TX – Bercy Chen Studio, 2012. A modern interpretation of the Native American Pit House. While Edgeland House was sunken to resource the thermal qualities of earth’s mass, we are inspired by this design to extend the concept to protection and shelter from extreme conditions.

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