The Kansas Project: Program Development & Design Charettes

Since our previous post for The Kansas Project was particularly content specific with a focus on the approach to shelter, this week we decided to work more broadly. Our first task was to revisit and explore The Kansas Project’s functional plan, discussing and diagramming the facility’s different types of spaces and their relationships to one another. Then, we moved through another round of concept sketching and design charettes.

functional plan-2


This week’s work, and indeed much of our work on The Kansas Project up to this point, has been focused on concept development. In the new year, we are very excited to be initiating our collaboration with the WindEEE team at Western, and this will commence with precise weather-centric analysis of the site’s conditions.

Research on the site’s atmospheric boundary layer winds will include:

  • Mean monthly and annual wind speeds
  • Wind speed distribution
  • Wind direction distribution, i.e. wind roses on annual and seasonal bases
  • Daily wind variability
  • Vertical wind profile; annual, seasonal and daily variation
  • Long-term wind speed trends
  • Extreme winds and risk analysis

Research on tornadic winds in the region of the site will include:

  • Number of tornadoes in the vicinity of the project site per month and per annum
  • Distribution of tornados by intensity and their occurrence
  • Prevailing direction of tornados’ tracks
  • Number of fatalities and injuries caused by tornadoes which occurred in a vicinity of the project site
  • Long-term trends in tornado occurrence

Research of the site’s solar climatology will include:

  • Mean monthly and annual temperatures
  • Wet bulb temperature and humidity
  • Diurnal variability of temperature and humidity
  • Vertical profile of temperature and humidity per month
  • Heat waves and heat index
  • Estimation of cooling and heating degree days
  • Solar altitude and azimuth angle
  • Sun path and visualization
  • Solar radiation during equinoxes and solstices
  • Direct and diffuse radiation and albedo
  • Cloud atlas of the site
  • Precipitation (type, distributions and frequency)

This research and analysis will be presented here, and will be applied as we begin work on schematic design.

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