Another Design Experiment . April 13, 2016

The Kansas Project: Design Charrette Week 9

The Kansas Project Ranch will be entirely weather-centric, designed to test approaches for resiliency and resource harvesting, as well as a place where people can explore their relationship with the weather of Tornado Alley, through study, research, observation and recreation. To that end, the public lodge will play a particularly important role, and for the past few weeks we have been focusing on its design development.




The lodge is being designed around a primary organizing feature, a viewing tower, and this is inspired by the water towers that rise up throughout the plains. Atop its peak will be a weather observation deck and beneath it will be a storm shelter. Off of it will be two wings. The northwest wing will be public, comprised of a research and recreation pavilion, as well as an above-ground resiliency spine; the southern wing will be private, and will include spaces for solitude, sleep, study.

site map collage

The cabins will be strategically located off of the lodge, and this relationship will also be explored in depth in the weeks to come. And as with the cabins, establishing a flexible and harmonious relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces of the lodge will be essential to achieving the goals of The Kansas Project.

shutter diagram (1clouds) copy

The WindEEE team has just completed Phase I of their research. We will present this work in the weeks to come as we use it to further refine the orientation and passive design of the ranch, as well as its integrated strategies for resiliency and human experience. This is an exciting time for us as we quickly move our design from conceptual to schematic and prepare to begin Phase II with WindEEE. Stay tuned!

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