Another Design Experiment . March 16, 2016

The Kansas Project: Design Charrette Week 7


For the past couple of weeks we have continued to evolve our design iterations as we work through the charrette. Our goal is to have a conceptually relevant and developed schematic design by the time Phase II is ready to commence with the WindEEE research team early next month. 

During the past two weeks we have had two primary areas of focus. The first is broad design gestures in the building’s public spaces, while the second is specific and detailed design of the living units. For the former we have explored through sketching and model building; for the latter we have continued to work with computer aided design and rendering.

modelINsite copy

The Kansas Project design model

As we’ve looked at the massing and character of the main building spaces, we’ve maintained orientations, organizations and ideas that have been developed over the course of the charrette through the last month. This week we’ve simplified massing and forms to better reflect regional architectural dialect. For example, the viewing tower has been reimagined as a contemporary reference to the region’s steel water towers.

Through the next week we will be exploring these concepts and this design further, as well as sharing and incorporating new ideas gleaned through WindEEE’s regional tornado climatology study of the site.

Also this week, we’ve taken a deep dive into the living units, which might be thought of as cabins. In particular, our focus has been on exterior materiality, views and orientations, indoor-outdoor relationships, and degrees of opening versus enclosure.

sleeping and living unit
N view from outside
bedroom window open (1)
night axon
vertical door diagram (1)

This week we will continue to develop the plan and design of the main building(s), and we will further develop the living units, focusing on detailed wall, door and window systems, as well as on interior materiality.

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