Another Design Experiment . January 27, 2016

The Kansas Project: Design Charrette Week 2

This week our goal at Another Design Experiment was to advance the work from last week’s design charrette from diagrammatic to schematic.

2.1 perspective site plan

Concepts and gestures of form that were developed last week remain present in this iteration. The upper level of the home is still conceptualized as a pavilion, but more consideration has been given to the integration of this and the lower level. We designed a ‘spine’ (highlighted yellow in the drawings below) that runs vertically through the lower and upper-levels along the back of the pavilion. This “spine” holds an open-air kitchen, storage, and structural support for the pavilion’s canopy.

2.1 floorplan pavilion white

The lower level of the home is set in the hill. Spaces oriented to the east and west are offset from one another, creating a central space that is directed to the southwest. From west to east the spaces progress from work space, to live/work space, to live space. The live space is imagined as a studio-type arrangement with a small kitchen, sleep space, washroom, etc. This space is 6′ below the level of the main live/work space and connects by an outdoor stairway. Across from this live space is a shelter with a narrow viewing window; the shelter is also 6′ below the main live/work space.

2.1 floorplan ground white

The outdoor stairway runs all the way from the live space and shelter, past the live/work space, up to the pavilion. On the north side of the pavilion is a separate observatory stage and fire pit, both connected by the stairway/circulation path (highlighted red in the drawings above).

2.1 section perspective

Some of the more obvious changes from last week are the shape of the retaining walls and roof structure. We felt the curves were arbitrary and preferred the contrast of the rectilinear forms of the home against gentle the Kansas landscape.

Next week we will update the design charrette with the Week 3 iteration. We welcome any comments, critiques, or questions regarding design or process!

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