Another Design Experiment . May 11, 2016

The Kansas Project: Design Charrette Week 10

Over the course of the last couple weeks, we have continued to evolve the design of the ranch at The Kansas Project as we conclude the charrette that has been ongoing for the past two months. Our recent focus has been on materiality, structural systems, and the character of programmatic spaces.


Program diagram model


in pavilion

The entry sequence into the main lodge has been refined, the weight and proportion of structural elements has been balanced, and the materiality adjusted for resiliency and to reflect the regional dialect.

draw bridge

The shell of the weather pavilion has been designed to enable various degrees of openness or enclosure and elemental screening. This space will be a hub for research and study, as well as a place for socializing and relaxation.

Lodge in site

view south

view NE

As with the pavilion, the shell of all components of the lodge have been designed to foster a connectedness to the site and to the sky. The buildings will be flexible and permeable, enabling users to engage with and experience the atmosphere of Tornado Alley.

We feel that our weather-centric concept is reflected in the functional program and design scheme, and are just about ready to initiate Phase II with WindEEE. Accordingly, the buildings will be 3d printed and modelled, then explored and tested through various types of simulated wind conditions – from a light summer breeze to an EF3 tornado. We are incredibly excited to begin this process and our design will be tweaked and modified according to findings.

For our next post, floor plans, sections and elevations will conclude the work of the charrette, and we will move on to Phase II with WindEEE!

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