Another Design Experiment . October 28, 2015

Research & Possibilities for The Kansas Project: WindEEE


This week we visited the University of Western Ontario’s Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute, also known as WindEEE, and are excited about prospects for collaboration on The Kansas Project.

WindEEE is the world’s first three-dimensional wind simulator and probably the most advanced wind modelling chamber ever built. Their stated vision is “to be a global leader in research and innovation” in the emerging field of wind engineering, the physical modelling of different wind conditions and phenomenas. In a way that is characteristically accurate and as true-to-nature as modern science allows, WindEEE is capable of simulating anything from a summer breeze to a high-end EF3 tornado.

The synergies are obvious, and we are eager to contract and engage the WindEEE team on The Kansas Project. Discussions are at an early stage, but we see collaboration happening through three phases of the project:

1 – Site Analysis (understand the wind environment of the site and phenomena impacts, for optimal resource harnessing, sensory experience and resilience)

2 – Design Development (iterative design work through interaction with modelled winds that will inform design choices)

3 – Design Testing (wind impacts on late-stage architectural design for concept and design validation, adjustments)


There will be lots more to come on this as we work with WindEEE on The Kansas Project. In the mean time, next week’s post will include some of the other site analysis work that we have been undertaking.

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