Another Design Experiment . October 7, 2015

Introducing The Kansas Project


Just west of Medicine Lodge, in the Gypsum Hills of South Central Kansas, we at Another Design Experiment are working to fuse the weather of Tornado Alley with human sensory experience, through the design of a place that is equal parts laboratory, house, theatre, playground and shelter.

The Kansas Project will challenge the architectural status quo, which is to design to keep the elements at bay. The purpose of the project is to investigate the question: How can design foster a more symbiotic relationship between people and weather? In other words, the goal of the project will be to compel the dweller to see, hear, feel and experience the weather with clarity and intensity as they never have before. This will include an exploration of ways we can harness the weather for its sustainable resources. And since the site just happens to be at the global epicentre of extreme weather, the project will still take a good hard look at how we design to stay safe.

This is the first weekly blog post that will track our process and progress as we get to work developing the site, 680 acres of pasture, meadows and buttes in the heart of Tornado Alley. We will move through the phases of design development: site analysis, research, concept development, schematic and technical design, and then construction. From start to finish, the evolution and execution of The Kansas Project will be documented here.

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